Kristine Mwangi, a presenter of Mishoni on K24 was among the public figures who were invited to attend Kathy Kiuna’s daughter’s wedding in Runda. Vanessa Kiuna got married to her mzungu boyfriend in a flashy wedding, because her mum and dad are rich of course. Kristine wore a black dress and accesorized with minimal jewelry.

Chini Ya Maji! Kathy Kiuna’s Firstborn Daughter Vanessa, Weds Her Mzungu Boyfriend At A Private Wedding

The all white event required the guests to have white attire, but she chose to wear black …perhaps to be different. The sexy presenter took to social media to express her pride in Vanessa and gratitude for being part of the event:

“One of the most gorgeous events I have been too this Century.. There weddings and then there are WEDDINGS.. #veeWedsRob”