Groove Award winner Bahati is my age but is driving a Benz and lives in a posh neighborhood. It’s all out of his hard work and consistency in doing music.

He has not been big on sharing too much information about his private life though, unlike his counterparts who splash their lives all over social media. He doesn’t show off his girlfriend (the last time we talked he was single) as many local artistes do, perhaps because female fans would feel jealous.

Gospel Star Bahati Writes To Wyre, This is Really DEEP!

The Mathare-raised crooner recently posted a video of his son singing to his latest tune “Kuchu Kuchu” which features rapper King Kaka and singer Wyre. The controversial collaboration has sparked divided opinion amongst his fans; some who feel that it was unnecessary while others feel that ‘even Jesus came for the lost ones.”

The video was shot in Bahati’s furnished living room; furnished with a high end couch, a home theater system, a big flat screen TV which gives the room a feel of royalty.

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