Rapper Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski is off the market.

The Hayawani hit singer together with his longtime girlfriend Zia Bett held their traditional wedding last weekend at the lady’s parents’ rural home in Itigo, Nandi County.

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Nyashinski took to social media to officially announce that he was taken. He shared a photo posing with his wife to be and captioned it,

A good thing.

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A good thing. ❤️

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A Twitter account Official Shinski (believed to be Nyashinski’s parody account ran by someone else) has been sharing posts about relationships of late.

The cheating process is too long to be called a mistake’ read a tweet by the account.

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Followers of the parody account flooded the comment section, with some trolling Nyashinski. Check out the comments;

J Nuna Ndoa ya siku moja na ushaanza kukuwa mhenga 😂

Kibet Zebedee Buda umeanza quotes mapema. Was it a wrong decision???

ERandari Sai anafa kua honeymoon stage

Durrel Buda kumbuka hujakula chumvi hii sector bado uko day 2 so cheza chini

Wycliffe Magak Brathe Kuna ‘chips funga’ and ‘one night stand ‘… Both inarguably ‘very short’ processes.. But I get you. Hope honeymoon iko fine 👏

Derick Munene Choose your wife wisely failure to which you become a philosopher.

Kurgat Kogeyben Budah, umeoa tu last week. Cheza chini bruh

F Sankale My brother we just call it a mistake for lack of better terms, congrats btw

Gifted Thatcher Sasa umeoa juzi na umeanza siasa ingia kwa ndoa vizuri kwanza