Marriage is not a bed of roses as many think. It’s a rough road that not just anyone can survive. The moment you exchange vows ‘for better for worse’ be ready for anything that comes along the way.

‘A Stingy Man Is Worse Than The Devil,’ Shouts City Lady

A city woman, who got married last year is regretting why she did it. According to this woman, her husband is broke and can’t afford to take good care of her plus she’s not satisfied sexually.

“I just got married last year but I’m tired of the marriage. I don’t even have a car, I still wear my old single clothes, eat the same food, nothing has changed. We don’t even have sex regularly again just once in a while.

My husband is a banker but a cashier in the front office, all those counting money.
I asked him to collect a loan from the bank and buy me a car and also open a business for me but he refused, so I want to divorce. I told him to give me a divorce and he refused so I will cheat on him.
When we met and he told me he was a banker, I did not know how poor he was, with his old dirty car that he is always fixing. I am so miserable, I hate him every passing day.”

Here are the comments

she_nigerian: When u married him u did not know he was a banker and had dirty old car!!! Na correct slap go reset ur brain! Can’t u work and buy ur self car u wan kill the poor guy

42n8mkh: Serves you well because you were not there for love but materialistic things. Go and let him find a good wife. Idiot

Monica: The worst thing that can happen to any man is to marry a bad wife and that’s exactly what you are. You are going to ruin this man, I pray he sees through your bullshit and give you the divorce.

princessjoy: You are such a diamonddigger…. What the fuck!! Don’t you have a life of ur own… OK u belong to the class of many who believes their husbands should be the source of their wealth and fortune… U didn’t go to school??? U can’t do anything to put little on the table to assist and encourage that poor teller guy????… Stay there and be intimidated by those whose story u don’t know but whose cover u only see. I pity u… Sit down be humble… Rethink and make amends it’s not too late u can be a rich wife too and buy him a car..

itz_wamenzy: This is wat happens when you get married bcuz ur mates or friends are getting married…. Women marriage is not an escape route… Marriage is forever so choose wisely….. Poster how are u supporting ur husband financially… Gone are dose days when men get married to a liability…. Women work hard and at least have that small moni to ur name before you think of marriage… Bring that small moni to add to the huz it will help move the family forward…. Don’t kill ur husbands with unnecessary load oh…. Know d person u want to get married to… So poster bcuz of car/business u want to divorce ur husband ehh oya continue

Teddyblazee: This is what happens when you marry for the wrong reasons

el_monah: women always must complain even if he has money she ‘ll complain of anoda thing.pls divorce him kia don’t deserve him

mesiella: You are materialistic, his biko,what happened to you hands? Go get ur own job lazy, I don’t think you married him bcos you loved him…U married him bcos he is a banker… rotten child

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