Remember pastor Francis Van-Lare?

Well, he is the US pastor, who set the internet abuzz  after he posted photos fondling his sexy wife Amara Van-Lare’s breasts in public and captioned;

“Nothing wrong in kissing your wife in public.”





Amara and the man of the cloth were married in 2014 and they have been sharing photos displaying their affection on social media to the annoyance of many.

NIOKOTWE GOLGOTHA! Pastor Caught On Camera Squeezing The Life Out Of His Wife’s Breasts (PHOTOS)

But, the Nigerian woman, who is a relationship expert has called it quits. She has changed her name to her maiden name Amara Blessing Nwosu.

Pastor Francis and Amara

She dumped the flamboyant pastor in a lengthy message she posted on social media.

“Dear Family, I know you’ll be shocked to hear this but this is to officially let you know that reverting to my maiden name was my choice; Mr. VanLare and I will no longer be husband and wife as from the 16th of October 2017.

Don’t ask me what happened, just know it’s for my good and the good of my blessed children and if you can, please thank God for my children and I. Keep sending in your questions and let Yahweh be glorified.

NB: Please desist from telling me what they say about me. Believe whatever you choose to believe. What matters to me is what God knows and what He says and since my family is in support of this, I am fine. Don’t forget, ‘When life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it’. There’s no stopping Amara! Stay on top and keep praying for me,” wrote Amara.

Check out some of the comments from Amara’s followers

Solomon: You’re human. I never expected perfection. It will be well. I believe God’s making a world story out of this.

Viola: Amara I am happy for you that you chose not to live and suffer in silence. You wore the shoes, you know where it pinches. It’s none of our business. What we owe you, is our support through whatever decision you choose to make.

Best of luck with the future, I am always in your corner.

Ferdinand: I am happy for you my sister,I like the fact that you did not hide this from your numerous readers.By this action,we’ve all learn from you that nothing is impossible;and we have also learn from you that there is a time to make mistake and a time to correct it no matter how hard it seems.You dont know what you have done for your readers by this action,keep updating us.

Bernard: May the Lord strengthen you and take you through a deeper walk with Him. Amen. God bless you ma’am.

Kechy: It’s okay Sis. Your happiness is all that matters. You have your lovely Children to live for. They should be the only true love you have in this our current world as no other love exist. I love you very much. Personally, I don’t believe in getting married

Charles: As far as I’m concerned, divorce is not a sin. What is sin is when you stay and die out of Matrimonial violence and abuses. Your soul and kids won’t forgive you. He who lives, tells the story later.

You’re a human being, so live to love again.