Okwara Matole

Citizen TV presenter Yvonne Okwara and her husband Andrew Matole, a veterinary surgeon walked down the aisle in Dec 2014 in a private wedding ceremony that took place at Crown Plaza Hotel in Nairobi and was attended by close family members and friends.

Yvonne Okwara & Andrew Matole

Yvonne Okwara has since then kept her relationship away from the limelight. Unlike her counterparts who parade photos of their sponsors or husbands on social media, the TV siren rarely.

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In a previous message to her husband, she wrote,


Sometimes when we’re angry we say things we never meant to say… those words are enough to break a heart and injure a soul. Anger makes our brain work less and our tongue work more. Once said those words can’t be taken back and sometimes they break a healthy relationship, Friendship. So, think before you speak and when angry, keep silent… Your silence may hurt the ones you love but your nasty words can break them and damage them beyond repair,” Okwara shared on social media.

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Here are photos of Yvonne Okwara’s hubby

Yvonne Okwara

 Andrew Matole Andrew Matole Andrew Matole Andrew Matole
Don’t they look awesome?
Sometimes back Yvonne shared a piece of relationship advice schooling women on how to carry themselves.


“Good Men are NOT Hard to Find.
Most women I talk to keep saying, “Good Men are hard to find.” I disagree entirely.
Good Men aren’t hard to find, they are just hard to entice and win over.
Trust me, Good Men aren’t hard to find, it is just hard to get their attention. The thing is….Good Men are not easily enticed and don’t respond to all these cosmetic looks that women throw. Don’t get me wrong here….
Such men notice such things, but they don’t make decisions to pursue a woman based on such things. So…
– wearing some tight clothes
-Showing off your Cleavage
-Winding your Behind
-Posting drama on facebook
May get you the attention of an Ordinary Man, but they won’t land you a Man of Substance.
To attract the attention of a “Good Man”, you will have to work harder than that. How about showing off…

-your Character instead of your Cleavage
-your Brains instead of your “Behind” and
-your love for God instead of your love for Clothes.
To get the attention of a Good Man, be more STRATEGIC than BEAUTIFULL!
Good Evening My Lovely Friend’s.

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