10. Maina Kageni

Year 2017 is still smelling fresh!

Of course we have better and bigger things we have all planned to do, and minding other people’s business is one of them!! Lol!

That’s why we want to make a toast to these Kenyan celebrities, who we feel their time to continue living single is up!!

  1. Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni

Maina is without no shadow of doubt the most popular radio presenter in Kenya. Through the years, this man with a golden voice has gone through some colossal metamorphosis. From his days as a news anchor at KTN in the early 1990s, to his time at Capital FM, Nation FM, Kiss 100 and now Classic 105, the radio supremo is truly a legend in the Kenyan broadcast media. However, Maina is still a bachelor! We feel it’s time for him to find a woman and put a ring on it before the year ends!!!

2. CMB Prezzo


We also feel that it’s time for Kenya’s premier ‘King of Controversies’ to finally settle down. Ever since his tumultuous divorce from his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat (following their posh wedding in 2008), the controversial rapper has never known ‘peace’. He is now dating a socialite Michelle Yola, after dumping a number of lasses including radio and TV personality Sheila Mwanyigah.

3. Larry Madowo


The NTV prime time news anchor has for real spent his 2016 on globe-trotting missions than news casting. We hope that during his sojourns, he bumped into a beautiful lass to marry in 2017. At least that way he will find a reason to be home as often as possible.

4. Amani


This Kenyan songstress has been singing as a single lady, for many years now. Sometime last year, there were rumours that she was pregnant. She vehemently dismissed them. Our advice to her is that, “don’t let this year end without saying I do.”

5. Jaguar

Jaguar with his son

I hear he has four baby mamas? I believe it’s time for the Kigeugeu hit singer to stop playing ‘away matches’ and make his bedroom his favourite ‘stadium’ where only ‘home matches’ will be played. Weka mtu kwa nyumba baba!

6. Sheila Mwanyigah

Sheila Mwanyiga

For how long will she be in such a list?? Ever since she dumped (or was dumped) rapper Prezzo ages ago, not much has been heard about the ex NTV and Nation FM presenter’s love life. But what we know is that she is still single. Sheila, get a man who you will age gracefully with together. 2017 is the year for you!!

7. Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait

Enough of the memes and funny song titles. That was so last year. Jimmy has been a bachelor for the longest time. He is ageing and we feel that the time he started a family of his own is ripe!! After that maybe he can release a song titled Yesu Ndiye Bibi!

8. Avril


2016 was not a favourite for the Nikimuona singer. It was the year she had hoped to walk down the aisle, only to dump her South African fiance like some rotten garbage! Our advice: Not everything is gone dada chetu. We have many fish in the sea.

9. Redsan

Redsan too was denied entry.

The dancehall star is still a single boy! Real name Swabri Mohammed, Redsan is one of the pioneers of Kenyan urban (pop) music. His reggea-ragga-dancehall fusions have a special place in the Kenyan music industry. But for how long will he stay without a wife??? This year is for you brah. Don’t waste it!!

10. Mbuvi


I think after the Kwata Kawaya hit maker was dumped by the hot Kubamba host Kambua, this gospel singer developed a phobia for women! My brother, Kambua got married and so should you!!!




Last year, renowned Kenyan emcee and ex radio presenter and artiste Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG, dumped his legally wedded wife Yvette Nungari like some old underwear, just eleven months after their grand wedding. But with his known liking for beautiful ladies, DNG has the ability to pull just one of them from the blocks and make her a wife this year! Uko na uwezo bro!!