Ali Kiba and Tanasha

Ali Kiba, one of the biggest artistes in East Africa is one lad who has kept a low profile when it comes to his family and private life.

The father of three, Prince Sameer Kiba Junior, Amiya Kiba and Chamy Kiba has broken records when it comes to music.

The bongo star has three baby mamas and without a doubt, he is a responsible father. It seems all his baby mamas claim him as the love of their life, but Ali proves to be a better father than a lover.

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Kiba is now married to Amina Khaleef and they have one child together.

Here are Ali Kiba’s baby Mamas;

Kiba Junior’s Mother

She is hot.

She shows that Ali knows how to choose his mamas just well. She is the first baby mama to capture his heart, however eventually things went sour leading to their breaking up.

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Amiya Kiba’s Mother

Amiya’s mother, Ali’s second baby mama does not fear to show the world her current husband after the Chekecha Cheketua hit maker ditched her for a third baby mama.

Chamy Kiba’s Mother

She is the youngest baby Mama and as things stand, she does not get along with the Aje hit maker. As much as Ali Kiba is one responsible father, he does not seem ready to walk down the aisle with any of his baby mamas.

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