Nazlin Umar,Ex lover to Majority Leader Aden Duale.

Nazlin Umar, Ex lover to majority leader Aden Duale has advised women to go for boob jobs, tummy tucks and stretch mark remover surgeries.

According to Nazlin, God did not create anyone imperfectly so we have a duty to maintain how he created us.

Speaking during an interview with KTN, Nazlin said she at some point almost lost her life a botched surgical procedure.

‘I have surgeries in the past, I went through  at Coptic hospital and they wrongly cut my Umbilical cord so it became dislocated.

I do not have one left.

It caused so much complications, that I had to be revived and moved to Kijabe where a whole team of surgeons put me back on the path of regaining my health. 

I was close to losing my life.’

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Nazlin Umar

Nazlin also added that apart from almost losing her life she had to deal with side effects.

‘The effects that came after that is that I get swellings on my upper rib and I also developed Lyphoma, a Begnin tumor.’



‘It’s not cancerous but there are some dangerous forms of cancer that tend to grow in the fat so I did not want it to get there.

Doctors normally don’t bother with such tumors unless they are bothering you and mine was bothering me.

When I lifted something heavy, so I decided to go through reconstructive surgery.

I settled for a Professor, a reconstructive surgeon and in return I was to be their brand ambassador, 5 weeks ago I went through a Lymphoma and a liposuction.

I am still recovering.’

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Asked on whether she had an issue with her self esteem Nazlin said,

‘I am the first leader in Africa who is talking about beauty enhancements publicly, most leaders lie that ooh they go to the gym, mara it’s their natural beauty.

Truth is they sometimes do botox, they use fillers.’

Nazlin Umar
Nazlin Umar

On whether she will go through more surgeries, Nazlin said

‘If my beauty is a dilemma to me and to other people if I have to re-enhance it then I will do a few more things.

I am all natural, I am already a beautiful woman, extremely beautiful. My beauty has been a cause of discourse in this country for decades. 

Every time I talk to the media they always have to bring it up.’

Her advise to fellow women is,

‘If women have stretch marks and a sagging tummy go fix it because God did not create you that way.

Men also have a responsibility to finance their wives to create more sensual harmony.’

Ladies the next time a man says your boobs are saggy mwambie akupee pesa ya surgery, Nazlin has spoken.

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