Nazizi. photo credit:nazizihirji

Nazizi has impressed many Kenyans over the last 20 years with her music starting with the group Necessary Noize to doing her own solo projects. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho she spoke on issues that concerned her weight, her career plans, her son and her love life.

Nazizi. photo credit: instagram/nazizihirji

She was very forward with nary a question unanswered. The lady who flows freely from doing reggae to dancehall explained that she and Wyre were trying to find time to do another album as Necessary Noize.

Nazizi and Wyre
Nazizi and credit:nazizihirji

She said:

“It is almost 20 years since we have been Necessary Noize. Yeah, we(her and Wyre) have been talking about it. We want to get into the studio as soon as possible. We are trying to fix both our schedules to see how it comes.”

Nazizi. photo credit:nazizihirji

And what about her love life? What was going? She responded with no chills:

“It is non-existent!”

But we were not to be so easily defeated. We brought up the issue of the “racy” photos she had been posting on her Instagram and whether there were any potential lovers sliding into her DN’s. She hilariously explained:

“I don’t know them and these are fans or stalkers. I care and I avoid using my DMs.”

On whether she could get love in the DM? She said laughing:

“Noooo! I don’t believe so. But I am hoping that this year some prince charming comes along and if he doesn’t I am good.”

Nazizi. photo credit:nazizihirji

Which qualities is Nazizi looking for in her prince charming? Had to ask this for you loyal Mpasho readers who may be interested. Wink, wink, She responded amiably by positing:

“Someone who understands my job as a celebrity, meaning that if you are insecure you may become jealous. He also has to be fit and not lazy. And he should also be tall. My ex-husband was 6-6.”

Mmeskikia maneno. You want Nazizi avoid her DM’s, she isn’t looking for love there! Where then will you find her? Maybe in the gym around the corner. Maybe?

Listen to her below:

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