Legendary rapper Nazizi Hirji is one the most decorated rappers in the 254, and the respect she has earned over the years from her fans is immeasurable.

Nazizi lost her brother, Feroz 12 years in an accident tragic accident that saw CMB (Cash Money Brothers) -a group he had formed together with Prezzo- suffer a big setback.

In an exclusive interview, the Tension hitmaker revealed that that the day she was informed that her brother was no more has been the most painful moment till date.

The hardest moment in my life was loosing my brother. Its now 12 years and for me he was such a big support system in music. Getting that phone call i was on tour with Wyre. was in the car coming from Holland to Germany. That phone call was the most painful thing i had to go through in my life.


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Nazizi is currently making headlines with her hit Heart Of Stone.