Khaligraph Jones vs Blaqbonez

Khaligraph Jones has sent the internet ablaze after releasing a diss track dubbed ‘Best Rapper in Nigeria’.

In the track, the award-winning rapper tells off Nigeria’s Blaqbonez for starting beef with him.

Their beef began after Khaligraph Jones was crowned the best rapper in Africa at the Sound City MVP awards last weekend.

Blaqbonez took to Twitter to criticise the Kenyan rap heavyweight, saying he was better than him.

Somebody tell Khaligraph that I’m still the best rapper in Africa Sound City got it wrong. Diss track in the morning, you know what I mean!!!’ he tweeted.

He later apologised saying,

Lmaoo I’m kidding about a diss track oo. Wtf you people are taking me too seriously. Congrats @Khalipgraph Jones. And I’m sorry.

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Below are the lyrics from Khaligraph’s song

I’m the best rapper in Nigeria right now
I am Nigerian right now
And I’m the best rapper
Motif, what’s up

Guess you the sacrificial lamb
Funny how you tryna get even
They already crowned the king
You should wait for the next season
Your family is about to be left grieving
You’re 40 years old
But looking like you still breastfeeding
You a snitch in a disguise
Me, I’m happy I’m a G
I can see it in your eyes
You Tekashi wanna be
Lil pump, pussy gang
You a clown to say the least
Nigeria had to send a lesbian to slay your beast

They told me not to diss you
’cause nobody know you in your city
Last time you trended
You was in abuja flashing titties
You a bitch made nigga
Emotional, learn a lesson
You the ’05 usher
When he was dropping confessions (hahaha)

I spotted you in Lagos
You were seen bragging
In an uber cab
And I was cruising in a G-wagon
And I couldn’t help but pity you
I’d leave it in the past
But it’s unfortunate
Your own people treating you like trash (hahaha)

This how i murder handicap clones
Ain’t no shame being a trani, blaqbones (woo woo)
I don’t give a fuck
Imma body blaqbones
Don’t ever think you can fuck with Khaligraph Jones

You ain’t no lyricist nigga
Your shit is a joke
You wanted fire
Now you tryna get rid of the smoke
Best rapper in Africa
I’m considered the goat
Next time, pay your lazy fans
To get them to vote
Was in your hood doing a research
And getting mad answers
They never heard of Blaqbones
The’ve only heard of black panther (hahaha).

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