Navy Kenzo is probably the only couple we are looking up to in Tanzania after Diamond and Zari decided to kill our fairy tale dream.

The two have been doing music together for a while now and the one question on everyone’s lips is ‘when is the wedding?’

As honest as they could get, Navy Kenzo had an interview with Lil Ommy from the Tanzanian show, The Playlist and they opened up about their love.

Navy Kenzo, made up of Nahreel and Aika are in love. Not only with music but with each other. The two become parents to a boy, Gold. The couple claims the name came up just after their tour in Egypt where they did not really know the gender of the baby but they wanted a universal name. Aika (mother) chose the name and influenced Nahreel into liking it and Gold Nareel Mkono was born.

Some things they say they have been anticipated for a very long time.
Of course, after the baby, the next thing we want is a wedding. Seeing as they are from Tanzania, a lot of famous artiste from Tanzania tied the knot including AY and Ali Kiba but we are yet to see them walk down the aisle.

Ali Kiba wedding

Nareel explained that, a wedding is a special thing. He does not want to rush and ruin it. He wants to take his time to prepare and give the love of his life, Aika, nothing but the best, in fact, he wants to make it a historical event.

ndoa kwetu ni very special. mimi nataka niifanye special kwa Aika. unajua ukifanya kitu special lazima ujipange. this is life unajua. kwa hivyo, ndoa iko inakuja we want it na tunataka iwe kitu tutawacha historia…moment. for us na kwa watu wanaotupenda na wanatufwatilia

Aika also gave her two cents saying they have been in a marriage its just not officiated. She says she is not all about the glamour so she is okay with where she is with Nareel.

Gorgeous! Navy Kenzo finally unveil first born’s face

They do not promise to stay together forever in as much as it is their hope because man is to error so anything can come. But all-in-all, they are in love.

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