Racism is one of those topics that touch the heart deeply.

Navio, yes the cute Ugandan star just had his moment. A hotel in Kampala was looking for people to work in their hotel. They were seeking for a managerial post for both the restaurant and hotel.

In their requirements, they were specifically asking for a white person and an Indian respectively.How can this happen in one’s own country? People are out here trying to make ends meet in these tough times and instead of helping their own, they are asking for foreigners.

The worst thing about all this is that the top positions are for the foreigners and the subordinate positions have been given to the Ugandan residents.

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So back to Navio, this caught his attention and he was not happy about it at all! He made sure he aired his grievances on a patform where he will reach a lot of people. Navio took it to Instagram and ranted with the support of his fans.

He said:

I hope you don’t think you can get away with this type of racism in MY Hood. Rubaga stand up. What type of degrees do you think we don’t have as black people?? THIS IS NOT RIGHT. #Racist #StopRacism #Racism against black in UGANDA?? #Jokers