Make up

Famous female personalities in our local showbiz industry look really hot in makeup, but only a few of them manage to look beautiful without it. From Bollywood to Nollywood to the rest of the world, these female personalities are usually covered up in layers of make-up anytime when attending a red carpet event or while on stage.

Nowadays women are used to make up so much, that they feel less confident when they step out without any. Some of them even avoid being seen in public whenever they don’t have makeup on and at times when their pictures without makeup surface online, they are left humiliated and embarrassed. In Kenya, we have quite a number of celebs who have made headlines such as; How shockingly ugly they look without makeup.

Young girls are also following the trend and if you are keen, you will not miss 4/5 women without make up. But why, yet we were all made in the image of God? Could it be  pressure to look and be perfect?