Joe Mwangi conman

Teenage Acrobat Wendy Waeni’s mother has finally broken her silence, after her daughter exposed former manager Joe Mwangi of swindling them.

Speaking in an interview with Citizen TV, Weni’s mother Magdalene Syombua said that despite the fact that her daughter is a star and has traveled far and wide to perform, they’ve never received a single penny from Joe Mwangi.

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She said,

People keep asking me ‘why are you still staying in that house (single rooom) yet your daughter is known across the globe?

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The 14-year-old, who lives with her mother in a single room in Huruma estate, was discovered by Mwangi in 2014 and he became her manager.

He (Joe) told me he would be taking her for shows to perform and once she becomes popular, he would work with her.

Wendy transversed the globe from Rwanda to Europe and Syombua said it reached a point where she gathered courage and asked Joe Mwangi if Wendy used to perform for free or not.

I asked him ‘all these places you’ve been traveling to don’t you even get a gift ?’ But he told me all this time he was just marketing Waeni to the world and there was no money they were making.

The single mother of one continued to suffer in silence and Joe never wanted her to share Wendy’s personal life with anyone. She said after several complaints from her daughter, she was forced to get her a new manager.

After Wendy exposed him, amenitishia (he threatened me and not me, that whoever advised us to go for an interview on Citizen TV should help Wendy. He also said he doesn’t want anything to do with her.


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The rogue manager has been running Wendy’s social media accounts and her verified Instagram account has been removed.

Joe Mwangi

Mwangi later addressed the whole issue on his Twitter account, saying that the allegations weren’t true.

Before I respond to this ,senior @matundura78, Kindly make me understand the law that protects me on this whole issue should it turn that someone coached the minor to give misleading information on National TV,’ read one of his tweets.

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Kenyans have been angered with the story and are calling upon DCI to arrest and prosecute Joe.

Reactions include;

Nel Od Shame. Arrest him. Take that girls money that he is building himself with him.

Aqueel J Allidina Big Shame! Corrupt Manager! Big Shame Indeed!

Sammy Kamau Arrest that thief. Shenzi kabisa!!