Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo in studio

Hoi! I can understand the frustration you feel when you write up a piece that you think is a cornerstone article only for your team to reject it. I guess it just goes to show you the team doesn’t really have as much faith in you as you’d originally thought.

So as the story goes, Larry Madowo typed out a fire opinion piece for the Daily Nation that the top brass of management was too scared to run -and who can blame them? The Nation Media Group has been targeted by the Uhuru Kenyatta administration and has seen their constitutional rights infringed upon.

Nation Media Group saw their Kenyan TV transmission shut off that saw NTV taken off air. So, in all honesty, I understand the business decision taken by the top brass managers at Daily nation not to run Larry Madowo’s piece.

Larry Madowo didn’t catch feelings. He kept it G and kept it moving. Right into CNN’s website. So he moved on from the village that is Kenya onto the global stage in one boss move. And CNN ran the article because hao hapana tambua Jubilee media crackdown.

And trust that Donald Kipkkorir and the Grand Mullah decided to get a word in edgewise and they really blasted Nation Media Group for not having faith in one of their own and then advised Larry Madowo to leave seeing as he is not being supported when it’s time for him to speak his mind:

What do you think? Should Larry Madowo leave NMG: NTV/ Daily Nation?