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Kenyan Youtuber Natalie Tewa has finally responded after weeks of speculation that she was the woman who traveled to Dubai with Governor Joho.

Weeks ago Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho had traveled to Dubai and supposedly so did Natalie Tewa.

Many concluded they had traveled together after hawk eyed netizens spotted a handbag in the private jet Joho was travelling in.

Weeks ago You Tuber Edgar Obare alleged that stylish governor had also bought Natalie a car, something that made him get summoned by the DCI.

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Taking to her twitter account, Natalie said people should find something better to do with their time.

‘We have such a terrible culture of tearing other people down in the name of gossip. There’s already too much negativity in this world, contributing to it doesn’t improve your life or take you higher. Instead use your time wisely, because every minute of our lives counts.


One fan was quick to point out the fact that Natalie did not buy the car herself,

‘Si vibaya kununuliwa gari madam.’

 To which Natalie Tewa responded

‘You don’t even know what you’re talking about.’

Below are some more comments
 @JayJuma13: Ignore the haters. Above 18, we have the right to date anyone we want and associate with any group as long as we keeping it straight.
@am_kim_kay: If any of those rumors are true, this is a message that we actually have nothing to learn from some of you so called celebrities in terms of personality you are no one’s role model we are only interested in your content and what we see and nothing else to admire about yourselves.
@EOPATEL: There’s absolutely nothing wrong you have done weather you flew private to Dubai or got that Audi 001A from someone.
@bradndom: Guys acting so righteous here yet given half the chance Natalie has u won’t think twice. Hakuna dame hapendi chali juu ya doh the difference is that yeye anapewa n Joho na wewe unapewa na msee wa mjengo ama ka hussler fulani bado kajaomoka we are all the same.

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