Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa has shared an emotional post on her journey as a brand. She started off with less than 5k followers on Instagram but has seen that number swell in recent days.

She says she started by giving tips on how to maintain natural air and also talked about day-to-day matters.

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Natalie Tewa, who was recently verified on Instagram with 83.9k views is reminiscing, where it all started and she wrote:

I can’t begin to tell you how much it’s taken from me to get back on insta and repost these. My emotions are all over the place at the moment but it’s understandable after everything that happened.

I have decide to repost my favorite pics throughout this week.. and I’ll give you guys a little back story behind every picture. Hopefully it doesn’t get too emotional 😓 I just want to keep it real.


I’m writing this with tears in my eyes because I remember the day this all started….when I decided I wanted to build my Instagram and YT platforms to share my life, spread love and give helpful tips on natural hair (and just life in general) that would help someone out there in one way or another.

Tewa who recently broke up with her lover Rnaze after a mutual agreement, days after calling each other on social media, shared photos from her first ever photoshoot and captioned:

This was my first professional photo shoot and I was actually very shy in front of the camera but I wanted to take my content to a whole new level so I knew I had to get used to it.

I had less than 5k followers at the time and was toying around with the idea of quitting my job to focus on content creation full time 😅 very scary thought but it’s what my heart wanted.
It was my first time in a studio and I took a few portrait pictures and really just had fun with it 🌼12.12.2017🌼This was the beginning of my intentional and active growth on Instagram

Check out the photos:

Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa

While dating Rnaze, Natalie enjoyed free photoshoots from the professional photographer.

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Reactions from Natalie’s post include:

leelow_lilz Shit happens babe,we take Ls and move on,you are still young and so much of us fucked up its just that we didnt live our 20s with the cams on our faces,muster up courage snd move on and know what?everyone fucks up even those in marriages do so you aint an exception#sorry for the essay

vin_a_vin No one is perfect. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just do what you do best and most importantly stay happy.

nyamburawillie @natalietewa step by step u will get back to ur shining spot.n please wi have all learnt a lesson and you’re not alone in this. A lot of people are suffering silently n thanks to u that u shared n that’s why we are here to wipe your tears. Distance yourself from people who disrespect you

teach_izaak @natalietewa we won’t allow those stupid men to hurt our girls. We stand by your side. He can as well go back to his fucking country. That was uncalled! You’re beautiful and you deserve better. Leave that silly boy and move on. Set some standards please..

mlikomm Am just in love with the positivity from your funs and self. This is Awesome. All the best dear

shaloam_amani Keep growing💗💗 You’re allowed to restart as many times as growth allows

anitanderu One day at a time❤️❤️❤️❤️

teach_izaak And we hope that this is not a way of trying to win our hearts back with your with your violence boyfriend please. We love you,you’re our very own and we want the best for you. Please Leave that dummy boyfriend and focus on yourself. Learn something from @caroline.mutoko .

Most of her videos were deleted from Instagram as well as YouTube by her ex Rnaze.

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