One thing Kenyans love is cheap bargains off the streets.

If we can get the same product elsewhere at a cheaper price, we run for it. Mtumba (thrift shopping) is the one thing Kenyans thrive on.

However, the hygiene of our dear street vendors is wanting. Based on my experience this week, I am going to tell you its not a clean industry.

Hawkers sell their wares on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi CBD on June 28, 2016. Photo / The Star
Hawkers sell their wares on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi CBD on June 28, 2016. Photo / The Star

So this old lady who sells fruits and sweets hapo fly over ya Thika road left her workstation and climbed the stairs of the flyover. Suddenly her legs are apart and we see some pee dripping. If you thought that was bad, then you are not ready for this.

So she takes the handkerchief from her boobs and wipes the pee. We were all in shock thinking about how many women do this? To make it worse, that could be the handkerchief she keeps her money and that is where your change comes from my friend.

When I shared this story, I got to learn there are other experiences guys have had.

  1. Mahindi choma guy
Mahindi choma is a basic Njaanuary meal
Mahindi choma is a basic Njaanuary meal

These guys just pitch a station anywhere and there are no public toilets so this guy will just go to the bush and wiggle the last pee with his hands. Ukikuje hapo tu, he gleefully tells you, ‘Niaje boss? Unataka ya mbao?’. The guy will hold your maize cob with his bare hands.

The rest is history.

2. Smokie guy

We all love a nice smokie pasua with chili. But the place where they put the smokies is so dirty! So they have this kitamba they use to wipe the ‘house’ they choma the Smokies on. This kitamba is placed anywhere and kesho, ni repeat, never washed.

3. Vegetable vendors

One thing we all go for when shopping for vegetable ni zile safi. When the guy gives you dirty veges, you tell him no. Do you know what they use to clean them up? Some funny cloth. Now this cloth is washed na maji ya sewage that is close to the market alafu wewe na kiherehere you just go and make a salad bila kuosha.

4. Grape vendors

So some mama in the salon tells us how she saw the grape vendors arrange the grapes in the tin they usually package it in.

Apparently, they place them on the floor especially in those vichochoro’s to hide from city council. Those are the same places where makanga’s and matatu drivers usually short call.

With that said, umuhimu ni uhai. Keep doing you, if you have not died, then you will not anytime soon.

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