Nasra comedian

Churchill comedienne Nasra has said that her dad has never been supportive of her comedy career. Her mother has however been very supportive.

Speaking during an interview on Jalas TV, she said

‘My dad is the typical Somali dad expecting me to stay at home get a husband and have my own family.

He does not want me out there making me making other men laugh.

I do not even known if he ever watches my shows, he only hears of my success from other people.’ She joked

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She further added

‘My mum has been very supportive she is actually my biggest fan. She has even appeared on my you Tube videos.’

Speaking on her upcoming marriage she says

‘Ours was love was love at first sight. 

He (Rashid) is a Muslim but he is not a Somali, he is a Swahili guy.’

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Nasra is among the most influential Muslim comedian’s and we must admit she is doing a very good job.

Since the covid-19 pandemic hit, she has been busy on her You Tube channel which she co-runs with her bae Rashid.

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