Raila Odinga is one of the most famous Kenyan politicians. Having been born in one of the powerful political dynasties in the country, Raila has mastered all the political tricks becoming one of the most sought after politicians around. He is known for his funny riddles or rather ‘vitendawili’ in Swahili language.

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Tinga, as he is popularly known has once again left tongues wagging after photos of him partying with some Ugandan babes surfaced online. Raila flew to Uganda for some official business and later attended two separate events. He first attended the Miss Tourism gala and left to go watch the Afrigo band performance at around 11 PM the same day, a few meters away.

As usual, the Red Pepper Paparazzi were on the look out and didn’t give him space. They took photos of him partying, drinking wine. The former Prime Minister took it to the dance floor to showcase his dancing skills and he did not disappoint. Despite his old age, Raila entertained nyabos from our neighbouring country leaving revellers at the event speechless.

The 71-year-old political mammoth danced with various ladies among them  tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero’s wife.

”He was dancing with one chubby babe before turning his attention to another yellow-thighed chic and before he could blink twice, he spot Mutaasa Kafeero’s wife dancing on the sideways.  He couldn’t stop looking at her,” 

A source told Red Pepper.