Diamond and Queen Darleen

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Queen Darleen is one of the legends of bongo flava music. The lass who once hit with the song Wajua is back in the music scene…But one thing is amiss.

The only lady signed under Diamond Platnumz’s WCB is without doubt one that might need a personal designer really soon.

Recently fans went ham on her for rocking like a ‘Mshamba’ while attending one of the birthdays she was invited to last month.

What shocked many was the color blocking which many thought was an epic fail.

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It is not the first time this lass has made headlines for her failed sense of fashion.

Late last year during Diamond’s beach party, Darleen stepped out wearing costume that got many wondering if she never knew the kind of clothes that fit her body.

Take a look at what she wore that day;

queen darleen

What amazes many is the fact that Google calls her a fashionista! Well, who are we to judge.

Here is what the Kijuso hitmaker wore at a Sallam, the top manager at WCB who handles most of the talent;

queen darlen

Here is her latest song Kijuso;