Akothee Musician

Madam Boss is hurt! Her sponsor of a baby daddy is at her throat…Akothee went to social media to post her scandalous family issues saying that after 7 years, her mzungu baby daddy is back to get her pointie son.

And yes, I feel her…. I mean after all those years the mzungu is back to get a kid he never cared for. I must say Akothee, through business and music has met her kid’s need, and did she need the old mzungu to help her out? I guess not. But in her message, Akothee says the Mzungu is threatening her with papers from lawyers.

“I remembered this is the same guy who insisted that I should abort this same child , & 7 years later this same guy serves me with a letter from the lawyer that he wants to settle down”

Fans have not let this go, they have instead gone ham on the Benefactor hit maker for airing her family’s dirty linen in public;

Ni Kubaya! Akothee Involved In A NASTY DRAMATIC Fight With One Of Her Mzungu Baby Daddies, Horrifying Details

jozikiko : Why do you like to talk toooo much. ? Sasa unatwambia tufanye nn. Akothee punguza kidomo. U low ur diginity . una hekaya mingi sana za abunwasi . nani alikutuma ukategulie Albino miguu.

maynaraka@jozikiko: kama humpendi na wewe shut your big mouth… Unawashwa ,,, deal with it..

bosslady_fb: Ndio babake yupi huyu unatutolea stori????maana watuchanganya madam boss..ni Mzungu huyu mnono kabla kuingia manager?????ama

d__ake: Kawaida yao kujifanya malaika kumbe mishetani iliyozeeka @gabonejacqueline sijaona jipya apo…..yote ya zamani tu

queenfletcherAkoootheeee Akotheeee akotheeeeoooo… how many times dd I call u????????…. God dd u here meee toooo oooohh… ok akotheee listen this guy is grave it self…. don’t dare step ur leg…”