Globe-trotting news anchor Larry Madowo must be Kenya’s most travelled man after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Larry Madowo Explains Why He Frequents The UK, Here’s The Reaction Of His Fans

But kwani how much money does he earn a month to afford all these trips? According to one of the many Nairobian ladies who have a huge crush on this eligible bachelor, Larry Madowo earns 800,000 shillings!!! That’s a colossal sum don’t you think?

According to the lass going by the name Jenipher Mutheu, she has an endless desire to marry Larry Madowo – albeit for his money!! Mutheu says that with her meagre 15,000 shillings a month salo, she would be no less than happy to marry ‘The Trend’ host.

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And she is looking for someone to let Larry know of her desire to become his wife!


Check out the photos of the stunning lass who wants to be Mrs Madowo.