Nameless is on bed rest. Doctor’s orders.

He cannot perform or over exert himself. Nameless just came from a surgery after he complained of a persistent headache during a PRiSK meeting.

He was rushed to hospital and that quick action ensured he was treated in a timely manner.

‘I Thank God I’m Out Of Danger,’ Nameless Speaks Out For The First Time From His Hospital Bed

Nameless said, “That was a close call. I thank Go that I am out of danger.”

On Mashujaa Day, his wife Wahu Kagwe represented the Mathenge family during the National day celebrations.

Nameless made his feelings known.

Nilicheki Wife akiperform Mashujaa Day. ..was watching from the TV set at home juu mimi nimekatazwa na Daktari ku perform for the next few weeks.. lakini sasa juu wife amekuwa bread winner of late, huku nyumbani hakukaliki! !! Eh.. itabidii nirudi kwa stage soon for the sake of peace in my house…eish!!!!😆😆 #doctorsorders #serekalisaidia #recoveringwellthough #haveablessedSunday #GodlovesMe.


Nameless celebrates his 12th year wedding anniversary with Wahu

Here are reactions from some of his fans.

Juma Nyaga Bahati: Relax Baba Kio and recover fully. You cannot compare Mama Tumiso na zile mavitu ziko uku nje in the name of slay Queens eti you can only give her but you can’t rely on in times of need. If you ask me, uliangukia boss. No wonder we ain’t getting married coz women of substance are in extinct and Mama Tumiso was the only one remaining. Let her win the bread coz she’s an equal pillar in that house. Quick recovery Bro.

Muthoni Wa Njuguna: Get well soon that’s why God united you with her Since He knew that she can’t forsake you no matter what ,she will always be there for you#Mùriùhonanaihenya!

Pippy Tabby: Hahaaaaa. Pona kwanza boss. Thank God wyf aneza stand up at such a time. We thank God for ur healing pia.


Fo Chune Myuziq: Lol..Rudi husinyanganywe mamlaka..

Grace Njeri: Ha ha ha chocha tu, umeinvest ya kutosha.

Ndung’u Perpetual: Get well soon..lakini serikali iingilie kati hio maneno😂.

Fidel Frenzi Kim: Nakutakia afueni njema kaka Nameless we ndo mentor wangu.

Grace Githatu: Tunakuombea sana urudi stage, quick recovery.

James Waithaka: Serikali saidia Nameless.