Tallia Oyando has been the source of thirst for many men.

She gained some weight after giving birth then she shocked the world with her smoking body that woke the men up.

Tallia has been going to the gym and the body she is serving us is goals at least for me. She has the curves in all the right places.

Talia Oyando

So she posted a picture of her in school uniform with the caption:

Ready for detention 

This comment woke all the fisi’s up on her comment section just thirsting over her tight up-skirt.

One particular comment though made me raise my eyebrows. Nameless, married to Wahu and father of two was not ashamed to thirst publicly for Tallia.

He commented:

Haiyaaaa?? Ebu come we talk outside the tent hapa nyuma… 🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿ebu let me

I don’t know what this means but it sure does sounds like something nasty. What would be going on nyuma ya tent?

Well, Wahu has not yet commented on this despite the fact that she was tagged on the post. I hope things will be fine in the celebrity couple marriage.

‘Babe, I love you to the moon’ Wahu and Nameless exchange sweet nothings on his birthday

Nameless and Wahu have been married for a long time and many of their fans admire them. One of them wrote:

let me call @wahukagwi before you head to the tent hapo nyuma…

Talia Oyando

Tallia responded by saying:

@namelesskenya 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Tallia attracted a lot of men on her comment section saying:

Hongie: Drop me ur number thanks

Chep: Wauuuu😩😩so tupatane nyuma ya DH!!

Richie: Am in love with whatever am seeing

Avid: Those slits are everything!

Alex: Thigh land is amazing

Edwards: Wacha tuite @realshinski,,akufanye kama assignment😜😜!!

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