Wahu Kagwi and Nameless
Wahu Kagwi and Nameless. photo credit: instagram/Wahu Kagwi

Secular artistes Nameless and Wahu are among the pioneers of the local music industry. The power couple, who have been together for more than a decade always share their life journey stories on social media to inspire many.

Wahu has shared some ‘fun facts’ about a picture (below) they took while still in campus.

Wahu says this was the first time Nameless was meeting her parents and here is what she wrote:

“Here are some fun facts about this particular throwback pic that I bet @namelesskenya
Does not remember 😁
1) this was taken in my Chiromo campus room
2) by one Mr. Kagwi, otherwise known as my father, who had randomly come to visit me, accompanied by his lovely wife
3) this was the first time that my boyfriend was meeting my parents- (my boyfriend had also just randomly dropped in, so no prior thinking had gone into this)
4) my boyfriend broke into a bit of a sweat…..but couldn’t remove his marvin… because it would reveal the short on- setting dreadlocks that may not be what you want as a first impression on the father of your girlfriend (I guess)
5) my room was small, and seeing that we were running out of sitting space- I, in my infinite wisdom, suggested that I could sit on my boyfriend…. And he needless to say… thought I was nuts!!!! 😂😂 So that idea just died like that 😂
6) that’s his “this is awkward” pose….and that’s my “yeah…..this is totally awkward” half smile that looks like I’m chewing on something 😂😂
7) at the end of it all….. My dad did walk me down the Isle…and did put my hand in his. Not with a warning, but with a hug…and so it did end well, despite the awkward beginning.😃😃”

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The mother of one believes that love works and she recently advised young ladies to date men their age and not sponsors.

“Dear young woman: stick with the young man who may not be rich, but truly loves you. Don’t leave him for the older and more seemingly stable guy, because he’s young and not yet ‘there’ financially. You cannot put a price tag on the value of true love. Dear young man…..value your girl.

Treat her well. She may be the one who will propel you into your purpose. Be that guy who is not intimidated by her big dreams. Be proud of her accomplishments and boast of her achievements. Besides, She may become the mother of your daughters. How amazing would it be to say to your 10 year old girl “see your mother fly? It means you can fly too, my princess” Dear young couple. Support each other’s ambitions and dreams. Be each other’s cheer leader in this journey of life. Uphold, don’t tear down. Encourage don’t crush. And you will be surprised just how far you will go. God bless,” read Wahu’s message.

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