Richest Kenyan singer Akothee has responded to rumours that she’s pregnant.

A section of her followers have been speculating that she is two months pregnant and in an interview with, she said,

Wangoje tuu. Kwanza ni three months not two. The baby’s name is Chloe. Please bring me diapers.

The Sweet Love hit singer said this just to raise eyebrows.


The mother of five has been hinting about having a sixth child but it seems she is not ready.

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Addressing trolls, she said,

They are sad. I don’T think they are my entertainers. Because if you’re full of love you’ll share love, But if you’re full of pain you will definitely share the pain and it doesn’t concern me.


To the pseudo account please as many bank accounts as possible. Please don’t stop insulting me because if you do I won’t be making money.

Advising single mothers she said,

‘I’m a single mother of five with three baby daddies and that’s my tag. yOU KNOW what, nobody is feeding you, no one has plans for you but you have plans for yourself. Do NOT SYMPATHIZE WITH YOUrself. We (single mothers) don’t have pity parties anymore.

Over the weekend, Akothee performed at an exclusive birthday party in Kililil Baharini Resort and was paid Sh1.8 million.


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