Two Nakuru MCAs caused drama at the House’ precincts on Tuesday after they came to blows over a boyfriend. Joyce Anyiso and Jacqueline Manyara had a bitter verbal exchange before their fight went physical.

One of the MCAs was overheard warning the other keep off her boyfriend.

Anyiso accused Manyara of attacking her first. Assembly orderlies assisted by other female MCAs intervened.

The two are said to have insulted each other through text messages before the Tuesday afternoon confrontation.

 Nakuru MCAs

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The two were having lunch at the county assembly cafeteria before the incident.

Another nominated MCA was heard telling media that the issues were family matters and therefore, the media should have kept off.

“Why are you taking those videos yet this is family and private matter?” she asked journalists.

MCAs across the country are infamous for their physical fights whenever they disagree on motions and political interests.