Milele FM presenter and comedian Captain Otoyo has dispelled rumours of the that Othuol Othuol’s friends neglected him and that he had HIV/AIDs.

Speaking to his co-host on their evening show, Otoyo narrated how he, Jalang’o and  Sandra Dacha helped Othuol.

‘around a year and 8 months ago, he was diagnosed with TB. He was given medication which he was supposed to take for 60 days without fail. But Othuol used to drink. He took the medication for a month or so and stopped. Akarudia pombe kimpango and it came to our attention. Jalas, Sandra Dacha and I got mad with him,’Otoyo said.

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They tried to talk to him and advised him to finish the medication so that he could recover fully. Otoyo also addressed the rumour about Othuol was HIV positive.

‘We even bought him food. I read on blogs people weren’t there for Othuol… he went back to taking medicine but he was on and off. Some people started saying TB was associated with HIV/AIDs and after doing several tests, he didn’t have Aids. It’s only TB,’ he added.

According to the veteran media personality, Othuol was stressed.

At Churchill, he wasn’t employed. He was a comedian and at the end of the month, he didn’t have a salary. You were paid according to the number of appearances. And that’s why he was acting on Auntie Boss as well.

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Otoyo, Jalangó and other friends tried their best to be there for Othuol but things didn’t go as they expected.

‘We have Whatsapp groups where we were raising money and no one neglected him as many claim,’ the Milele FM presenter explained.

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