This was the swanky entrance

Events go down all the time in Nairobi, the city in the sun. But few if any cater to an elite audience. I am not talking about a poster boasting about how “exclusive” the party won’t be, I am referring to an actual exclusive party that boasted the finest wines and whisky Nairobi has ever seen – or is it tasted?

Anyway, the sun was up in the sky -it was just one of those fairy tale days with birds chirping happy songs and the sunlight that lit the sky shone in many a heart. So you can imagine just how happy Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore and Radio Africa’s CEO were as they got into their cars to head out to Delta Towers.

Siku njema huonekana asubuhi

And they weren’t alone. they were joined by dozens of other Nairobi CEOs for a fun day of merriment and whisky tasting (these dons don’t do debauchery).

Image result for my good man+meme

Man! If you wanted a sbonza, this would have been the place to look. If you wanted to hobnob, this would have been the place for you but alas! No riff raff were invited. The invites alone were something divine:

Whiskey festival invites

And then the event itself. It was such a stellar affair indeed. The best was brought out for these elite types. They got to enjoy rare whisky and were taught how to appreciate them. Check out the photos of the event below:

And now let’s get down to the actual “hang” aspect of the event: