Nairobi city is among the top of the list when it comes to the large number of street children. Most of these children end up in the streets after they loose their parents and have no one to take care of them. Some run away from home due to mistreatment by step parents while others just choose to live on the streets. Sadly, many are sometimes assaulted, abused and neglected as they have no one to defend them. Street children are always characterised by robbery, bad behaviour and uncleanliness and no one never wants to be associated with them. One young boy, however, has come out to disprove this notion.

BAADA YA DHIKI FARAJA! English Speaking Chokora Has A Reason To Smile After City Millionaire Did This For Him (PHOTOS)

He has won the hearts of many after he did the unexpected to a sick Kenyan woman named Gladys Kamande. Here is the full story;

“In one of her countless trips to KNH, GLADYS KAMANDE was caught up in traffic.

A young homeless Kenyan happened to be walking by asking for help from motorists. When he met Gladys he was about to introduce himself when he saw her carrying weighty equipments.

He asked what they were for.When she explained they were supplying oxygen to her body,the young man broke down in tears. Yes she has had to carry an oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinders and a generator with her wherever she goes. And that has been her load for years.

For a moment he saw himself way better than he thought. He sympathized with Gladys.

But the fact that he didn’t have any means of changing Gladys circumstances made him even sadder. He got hold of Gladys’ hand and made a silent prayer- that God may provide all she could need for her treatment.

Puzzled onlookers had to reassure him that all was going to be fine with Gladys as he wept uncontrollably.”

Mile Sonko posted this story on his official Facebook page calling upon Kenyans to help Gladys raise money to pay her hospital bills and it has been shared more than 500 times. We hope some kind-hearted Kenyans will contribute something towards Gladys’ medical kitty.

Here are the photos of Gladys and the street boy who has mesmerized many.