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A man has told the court that he depends on his 90-year-old granny together with his four children for food and shelter as he had nowhere to go.

Edward Mwiti told Nairobi city court chief magistrate Roslyne Oganyo that the problem began way back after his father showed one-sided love to his mother and left him to suffer.

“I don’t know my real dad, but when I was young my mother fell in love with a man who only loved her but openly rejected me,” he said.

He said that after his mother moved in with his stepfather he was forced to move and grow up with his grandmother Jennifer Kailentu in Meru County.

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Mwiti told the court that he later got married to Salome Kinya but the marriage didn’t last as they separated in 2012 leaving him with four children.

“Your honor I got married but we latter separated my wife due to marital issues, she ran away from me, then I was forced to move back to my grandmothers house together with my four children,” he said.

He further told the court that the differences he had with his wife were irreconcilable.

Mwiti was speaking in a case in which he is charged with disposing refuse in Nairobi’s Ladhis road contrary to the law on November 5.

He pleaded guilty to the offence.

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The prosecution told the court that he was arrested after the City askaris were on their normal patrol in the area.

The magistrate advised him to seduce back his wife so that they can re-join back as he and his four children are a big burden to his grandmother.

The magistrate sent him to six months probations.

By Corazon Wafula/The Star