Nick Mutuma

Maisha ya Nairobi ni magumu baba! Many of us face numerous daily struggles in this ‘concrete jungle’ to make ends meet. There are those of us who live purely from hand to mouth, while others are scavengers whose lives depends solely on the trash and leftovers of the ‘haves’. The ‘haves’ are pitched at the top of the food chain, which means they literally dictate the amount and quality of leftovers that should trickle down to the ‘have-nots’.

Then we have the class that for sure don’t know where it belongs. The wannabes! These people are the real strugglers. They struggle to live a life they don’t own. They social-climb the food chain, dragging themselves through the mud in the process. They pretend to have, yet they know that in reality, they don’t. “Fake it till you make it” is their motto.

The male wannabes will steal, have sexual affairs with women their mother’s age, peddle drugs and other illegal substances like small arms and sorts, in a bid to look the part. Their female counterparts on the other hand, are the worst lot. Among other things, they will bend over for men their grandfather’s age without any pinch of remorse. They will spread those legs for any Tom, Dick and Harry, all in an effort to have “class”. This class also includes the socialites!

Is Nick Mutuma’s New Girlfriend Cheating On Him With Tanzania’s Alikiba? (Video)

Now, Nick Mutuma is known (especially by women) for his arousing on-screen appeal. He is known for furiously activating his party mode when the moment arises. He lives life in the fast lane, quite literally. Nick is a celebrity young man who drives many crazy in this city in the sun. What many of us didn’t know is that, just like all other wannabes, he “fakes” it to look the part.