Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

In their youth, women are of such high value, societies have built entire cults around them. The cults of the goddess all have two similar qualities; they worship the youth in women and never consider old women.

In women, youth starts at 15 years of age. That is the age at which they are biologically suited for childbearing. That is why ancient cultures sort to marry off their daughters at this age. And for the love of God do not argue with me, take up your PC argument with the sciences.

Men, on the other hand, are of little to no consequence in their youth. From the ages of 15 to 27, most of men are disposable.
This is the reason why at this age, most men struggle with getting women and life in general.

This is why when a young man dies, he is just another statistic. When a young woman dies, it is a national tragedy. At this age, women are of very high value because of the fact that they can with ease perform one of the greatest tasks asked of humanity: progeny.

That is why women attract high-value men when they are young (from 18 to about 26). And men of the same age group struggle to get lovers. If you think back to when you were a boy in high school, who did your crush date? An older boy. What about when you were a youngin in college? An older youngin or a “working class” man. That however quickly changes when you are 27. The lasses closer to your age who didn’t have the common sense to snap up the man they were with are now complaining and bellyaching about there not being any “good men” out there and they routinely shame you for dating younger women.

The pitfall for most women, however, is in the fact that they are such a hot commodity. Mishaps happen. And sometimes those mishaps involve conception long before the relationship has been cemented. And alot of the men in question are out to just have a good time so the permanency of having a child is a major deal breaker. What is a lass to do?

I came across a post on social media, on a page called Nairobi Gossip Club that answered this very question. It had asked Nairobi lasses what they did when they found out they were with child and the situation was unplanned. This was how the conversation went like: