A Nairobi girl who is fed up with her sponsor has dragged him through the mud in a nasty social media post.

Nairobi Women School You On How To Ask A Sponsor, Hubby Or Boyfriend For Money

The girl who used a pseudo-Facebook account to hide her identity wrote about her “friend”.

Here is her narration,

“I took my friend yesternight to go get cash from the sugar daddy… mhhh.. Vikwazo nazo… don’t call, text! Once at the gate, don’t give your real name/ who you are going to see, turn off your headlights as soon as you enter the gate, don’t park next to his car…weeehh. Then the bugger kept us waiting for like an hour… when he finally gets the chance to dodge the “paka mkali”… I guess he was waiting for her to go to the bathroom to pee… or whatever…??

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He emerges like a spy on a secret mission, he looks scared, like a prisoner under watch..he pretends to get something from his car, then summons the gateman for the handoff.. then he disappears again, just incase his wife is peeping from the window. He didnt even come close to me, but I could sense the fear in him… kumbe hawa masponsor ndio ma panya kwa nyumba! So we exit, on the way out, the middle man hands us the cash…5k? 5k?

She continued, “Jamaneni… we drank it in less time than it took that matapaka.. to get it to us… am so depressed.. things that women do! Getting myself, a Ka Bamba 50 is sounding better & better every day…#Sponsor my a**#Icant.. #Thislife.”

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