Nairobi Diaries actress Pendo is finally going to get married. Ah… sorry isn’t that what happens when someone gets engaged?


Yep, the socialite with the attitude and who has had legendary fights with many of her cast-mates is now going to make one old white man a proud(?) husband.

Pendo's man
Her white fossil

Pendo herself revealed this information yesterday on her social media page on Instagram when she showed off an expensive engagement ring.

With her huge ring

This will come as a surprise to many who will wonder how the Ghetto Princess was able to get hitched so quickly, considering we had not had a whiff of him. Or was it a stunt to get publicity up for the new Nairobi Diaries series?

Pendo engaged
Celebrating with her mzee

Frenemy Mishi Dorah was quick to congratulate her. Don’t forget that Pendo had recently been in a relationship with Luwi Capello that enthralled many hoping for her that he would be the one who would finally get her out of single land.


But it was not to be with Luwi unceremoniously dumping her as like an empty liquor bottle. In a Q and A session with his fans he revealed the reason why he did so:

She was not real.

And whether he would get back with Pendo, Capello was brutal about his truth stating:

When Jesus comes back to earth.

Luwi Capello
Luwi Capello with Pendo in the past

Ouch! But it seems that Pendo did not need Luwi’s love to find happiness as a white ancestor has come to rescue her. What is with socialites and old men? Do they love better than younger men? Ohhh!, I know…..I know……… Dumb question by me.

Anywhoo! Congrats to Pendo for landing a man that she will love through poverty and riches. Hehehe!

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