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Nairobi Diaries is the first reality show to be aired on Kenyan TV. Comprising of several socialites including wannabes, this show has amassed a huge following across the region and also attracted heavy criticism from a section of social media users.

nairobi diaries

According to many, it’s a bunch of ratchet, noisy, uncontrollable women who can’t even construct a simple sentence and pronounce English words correctly. All they do is spread hatred, gossip and promote immorality among the youth.

I Would Rather Give My Dog Fellatio Than Tolerate Those Nairobi Diaries Women! Confesses Popular Sexologist

Well, Nairobi Diaries is nothing compared to other reality shows we’ve watched. They still have a long way to go…in short hawatoshi mboga.

Bad Girls Club is the real shit! This American TV reality show is lit. The lasses on this show apanambua security or rules and regulations. They trade blows, tear each other’s clothes and of course do what women do better; pulling each other’s hair.

Bad Girls Club (BGC) is an American reality television series which focuses on the altercations and physical confrontations of seven highly aggressive, quarrelsome, and unruly women.

Each of the women tend to have psychological and behavioral problems. Mischievously sexual and rascally moments are also captured among the women. All seven women have different backgrounds and personalities. They are introduced to the show based on their capacity to be a “charismatic, tough chick.” The cast, deemed “bad girls”, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a fine mansion for three months, during which they must obey specified rules. Their lives inside and outside of the house are chronicled and recorded by the production team.

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Well, there’s is a video of the reality stars from this show (BGC) fighting and hurling all sorts of insults at each other and I kid you not, Nairobi Diaries is nothing!

Here is the video

Weh! Nairobi Dairies Kando

Posted by Mpasho Ratchets on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What do you think about this show?

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