Naiboi has hit the internet hard with his viral song, 2in1.

Many Kenyan artistes take so much time and money investing in a good video but forget an important aspect – creativity.

Speaking to, Naiboi says that visuals play a big role but they should always remember that creativity too is king.

The rapper-producer revealed that his new trending music video for 2In1, had no budget.


I respect those artistes who put up a budget when making a video because I do the same. But they should not forget that creativity comes a long way, eventually. There was no budget. Most of the videos were sent to me via phone or email and even for the editor, I just bought him lunch. I would say it was a zero budget production.

He bought the editor of the video lunch and that’s it. Can ya believe it?

The short clips from various artistes were sent via phone or email so he did not need to put up a budget to shoot a video.

Naiboi decided to do such a video by enlisting the help of various A-list Kenyan artistes. This idea was imspired by the hit song, Don’t You Need Somebody by RedOne. After watching that video, he thought it was a good concept and he said why not.

His main idea was to have as many Kenyan artistes as possible so that all fans can come together in support of the project.


It’s a good feeling to have my song trending though unexpected because before I did the video we had a conversation with Nyash and it was a concern that not many Kenyan songs were trending by then and so I wanted as many artistes as possible to help push our music.

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Naiboi’s 2in1 is on Songa By Safaricom and he says “it is a good platform for his music to reach as many fans as possible”.

You can stream the song all day by just subscribing for Sh 5 in the Songa App. You can also join in by downloading the Songa By Safaricom app from the Google playstore or by dialing *812#.

Check out the video below.

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