Naiboi has given us the best hits since he came back to the music scene. Remember Rap Damu? The guy who gave us ‘Good life’? Well he and Naiboi are one and the same after rebranding.

Still head of Patcho, he has given very many Kenyan artistes an amazing platform and we have to agree, great music production.


Well, he seems like he is a jack of all trades. A video of him while at his new job went viral.

Naiboi in the video was reading sports news at Bamba TV. seems he is now a sports analyst. He seemed to be enjoying his job but he has not yet gotten a hang of the job.

Seeing as this is world cup season, he was giving his fans a feel of the match between Germany and South Korea where he expressed his disappointment at Germany’s loss.

Naiboi’s caption under the video read:

Day1 on My New Tv JoB ⚡️⚡️

He is also set to grace the stage during Chronixx’ event in August despite the backlash from reggae fans who think he is a bad choice.

‘U don haffi dread to rasta!’ Naiboi shouts at trolls on his set performance at Chronixx event

Anto Neo Soul also believes he should be the one on that stage. I mean he is a reggae artiste afterall.

Watch the debut of his new career below:

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