Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew? photo credit: Facebook
Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew? photo credit: Facebook

Naftali Njahi Kinuthia, who hacked Ivy Wangeci, a Moi University medical student to death has opened up on why he did it.

The 28-year-old man, who’s recuperating at the MTRH, told Eldoret East DCI boss Ali Kingi that he had invested a lot both financially and emotionally in Ivy. But she didn’t feel the same for him or rather didn’t love him and that’s why he hacked her to death.

Ivy Wangeci Moi student
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In an interview with Citizen TV, the DCI boss said;

The accused said he used to send the woman some money. The girl, according to the suspect, had told him that she was organizing her birthday party, which would happen soon. He said he sent her some money to arrange the event. Since then, the woman refused to pick his calls, said the suspect. That is what prompted him to travel [from Thika] to Eldoret. He said he wanted to know why she was ignoring him.

Kingi added:

When he [Kinuthia] arrived in Eldoret [Monday], the woman continued to decline to pick his calls. He said it got to a point where she switched off her phone. According to him, that angered him prompting him to look for an axe and kill the girl. We are still waiting for him to give more details after he is discharged from hospital.

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Kinuthia explained that he used to frequent Eldoret to visit Ivy Wangechi and his last visit was last Friday. He narrated how their meeting didn’t take long when they met, and Ivy told him to give her time to go back to the hostel and take off her uniform but she never returned. He said he tried to call her in vain, her phone was switched off. And unfortunately, they didn’t communicate again.

Ivy Wangechi

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He said that also provoked him into returning to Eldoret[on Monday] to try speak with the woman.Upon returning to Eldoret yesterday, the man said he felt despised by the woman when she refused to pick his calls. From our sources, the suspect bought the axe and knife in Eldoret. They were sharpened in Eldoret. We’re yet to interrogate him further. Once he is stable, he will be taken to court.

Kinuthia was well known to Wangeci’s parents and those who knew the young lady said she never had any romantic relationship with him.

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