Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew? photo credit: Facebook
Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew? photo credit: Facebook

Naftali Njahi Kinuthia is the person of interested in the murder of Moi University student Ivy Wangeci.

Kinuthia hacked Ivy to death yesterday morning along Nandi road at Moi University campus Eldoret. Ivy, a sixth-year student at Moi University school of medicine, was on her way to the students’ hostels when her life was cut short.

Ivy Wangeci Moi student

Well, a man identified as David Kabiruh on Facebook has revealed that he went to Nyandurua High school with Naftali Kitali and he said he was a calm person. He wrote:

We used to school with this Naftali guy. He was a year behind me and used to share the same cubical. He was a calm guy, but people change. So sad.

Naftali Njahi Kinuthia

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Yesterday night at Moi University, Eldoret, students held a vigil to honour the late Ivy at the spot where she breathed her last.

Rodger Abidha, Wangeci’s classmate for the past six years, described her as a hardworking student and a doctor to be. His message read;

She was such a hard worker, a good student and an amazing doctor to be. She stayed late taking care of patients, diligently followed up on them, stop spreading malicious rumours about her. She was not a ‘slay-queen’ she was a doctor to be. Put some RESPECT to her name.

Ivy Wangeci is among the top five trends on Twitter and Kenyans have joined hands to condemn Naftali’s actions. Check out the reactions:

Iced Out Stories such as Ivy Wangeci’s send chills down my spine. I can’t stop thinking about her story.

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Samson Kyalo The death of Ivy Wangeci should be condemned from all quarters.

Steven Ngugi Do you know Ivy Wangeci had a family that cared& loved her? maybe a mom, sis, bro & dad that cared, how then do you have the guts to keep torturing them by sharing her gruesomely murdered body on social media, PLIZ STOP SHARING HER BODY! Family is already dealing with enough

Ivy Wangeci
Ivy Wangeci with her colleagues during a theatre session

Avnachuti It’s saddening, sickening and maddening. Rest in power Comrade Ivy Wangeci.

Mizpah N Men!!!!! Hata kama umekosewa who said you are supposed to kill people’s daughters. Anyway RIP Ivy Wangeci

Terembe Ivy Wangeci. So so so heartbreaking.

MC Kim I have been trying to figure out & to fit in the shoes of the parents,Relatives,Friends,Colleagues of Ivy Wangeci & I can tell you for free,It is not easy & it will never be easy to come to terms with what happend.

Ruto Kipyego May the soul of Ivy Wangeci of Moi University rest in peace.

Emir of Mombasa If we are friends and you thinking of killing your girl for whatever reason, I’d rather you opt for suicide. Better I attend a funeral than a murderer’s trial. RIP Ivy Wangeci