Kennon an uprising Kenyan gospel singer wants to make it so bad. Kennedy Liech, his real name, is currently making headlines with his new single Kama Pupu.

In the song he raps:

“Naflash shetani kama pupu,heh pupu, ananuka fuuu. shoot Saitan papapapaaaa.Damu ya Yesu strong kushinda dettol.Twanga maombi kemea shetani”


Well, has reached out to the singer who explained that his is a Bible-inspired song. Yes, he said it… Pupu was inspired by the Bible.

“I did this song to show people that the devil is a liar and in the book Luke 10:19 God has given us the authority to trade over the devil. I’m exercising my right.  I don’t want to sugar coat anything. I’m calling a spade a spade.”


“Current ministers are preaching the gospel of prosperity all the time. They are preaching what people only what to hear.I’m not a Pleaser of men. Pupu is something disgusting so because the devil is disgusting we are flashing him away.”


Isn’t this a publicity stunt to get his name known out here? Just like most uprising Kenyan celebrities do it?


“No. this is not a stunt so that I hit the headlines or something like that. I just want people to get it straight and direct. No matter what people think of me, my conscious is clear.”

Kennon is however not the first person to do a song that has been criticized by fire-breathing Christians.

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