Top female star Nadia Mukami is shocked that 19-year-old Shakilla was flaunting her body claiming that anyone can have it for a fee.

This came after Shakilla was on a late-night Instagram Live with Xtain Dela where see revealed she has slept with over 30 men most of whom are celebrities and got paid handsomely by them.

Khaligraph Jones reached out to Shakilla and asked her to retract his name from her body count.

Was Shakilla underage when she smashed celebs? Is she clout chasing?

And yesterday, football darling Victor Wanyama put out a statement distancing himself from the salacious allegation. He is seeking legal means to clear his name.

‘Pepo mbaya!’ Mammito tells Shakilla after DMing bae Butita

Weighing in on the matter, Nadia advised his young female fans to work hard instead of selling their bodies for money and clout.

“I am just shocked a 19-year-old is publicly happy to say that she allows men to pay her for sex and even says she has a rate card for it! All jokes aside, we need to counsel our young girls and teach them about the beauty of hustle and hard work. The beauty of independence as women!”


“Especially now that our young sisters are at home and in the era of social media, our young girls need to be reminded that women can still work hard and achieve their dreams without having a ‘rate card’ for their bodies. Let’s guide and counsel our young ones.”


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