MC Jessy

Mc Jessy is not a guy who posts a lot about his personal life on social media, we actually do not know much about his love life nor his child or news to do with his ex.


A photo of him holding his son surfaced and boy don’t they look alike? One Kera was surprised at the fact that he even has a child, Ngai fafa..mcjessy unakuanga na mtoto…😁😁😁😁 

He has been silent for a while now other than his segment on Churchill show, we have not seen him say or do much probably keeping a low profile planning some major moves that will undoubtedly shock us all.

‘I’m Also Single’ Shix Kapyenga Dispels Rumours That She Is A Homewrecker. MC Jessy Umeona Hii?

The picture of MC Jessy holding his son and Burale holding his daughter. The two are now known as single fathers after separation from their wives and mother of their children with the caption: Fatherhood …..Fulfilling. 

The caption rubbed one Paul the wrong way.

Under the comment section, he asked Burale ‘Just asking politely, why can’t you two guys also proudly boast with their mothers, why is it hard to show the mother of your girls as opposed to possing with slay queens and tv stars..?????’

I don’t know about you but probably this guy had a bad day or this is actually a concern.