Akothee has revealed one of her secrets and it’s weird. In a short video she shared on social media, she said that she beats her mzungu lover, stating that it’s romantic.

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She said he likes it.

The rich one (lover) takes me for shopping in fancy places. One day after returning home from shopping, he started nagging me and I was so mad at him. I don’t negotiate with white men, I beat them up. When I’m pushed I don’t talk, I just beat them.

So for this one, beating was part of romance. On that day, I started beating him up in the presence of my friend and he was loving it. Friends who were there thought it was that serious but that’s how we live.

She continued,

I beat up white man but I can’t dare an AFrican man they will break my elbow ! But for white men I am a husband beater Don’t copy my romance! you will end up in jail, please. Just do your romance differently and that’s why I don’t date Africans I am not easy! They will kill me I swear, what am I saying I don’t even date anyone.

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In another post, Akothee said that she broke up twice and made up with someone although she didn’t reveal who it is.

You might be wondering why I busted out now! Simply because we have broken up 2 times and solved our issues amicably although she tried to taint my name to her circles I didn’t care. She is a great woman working hard I love and respect her since day one, but this time round our indifference went south in June! And I put fullstop to our relationship and promised never to go back . But I kept and dropped it on! Even never shared with my close friends because it involved money and that’s business tried to forget about her, then boom people started contacting me with her screenshots of her talking Ill about me and recruiting new enemies, people she met through me.  how would you feel And what will you do? She said she knows so much about me I can’t dare her? Now I want her to expose me asap so she doesn’t have to carry the burden. I still love and respect her but from a distance now. What’s wrong with the world of women, these women will make me look like a woman’s fighter,’ she wrote.

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