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Gospel artiste Kambua is a happy mother and thankful to God for blessing her with a child after years of waiting.

The Nasimama hitmaker welcomed her first child, Nathaniel late 2019 after being childless for quite a while. She had been in marriage for seven years without a kid and was often trolled.

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Kambua has shared a touching post, talking about how she struggled to get a child and but kept her hopes high.

My years of waiting were so daunting. But I wouldn’t take them back. The lessons God taught me…the encounters I have had with Him, are all priceless. When the pain was gut-wrenching and my heart nearly drowned in tears, I never stopped believing that God would come through for me (whichever way He chose to). And as I hold my toto today I am reminded that God gives good gifts. My baby Nathaniel is a miracle; He is, as my husband likes to say, a world-changer and a history-maker. And I believe His life will continue to bring glory to God.

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She advised women who are struggling with fertility-related conditions and those struggling to get children to be patient and keep trusting in God.

May every waiting womb be reminded that God remains faithful even when we are faithless. As you wait, my tent remains pitched right next to yours, in the land of hope. I haven’t crossed over alone. We will cross together, leaving no one behind. None of us shall be left drowning in despair. Our stories, regardless of how they unfold, will be beacons of hope along ancient paths. If you’re still trusting for a miracle, just rop me a 💓. I’m praying for you 🙏🏾💛

Kambua and her son are on the cover of this month’s Parents Magazine and she revealed that she refused to do an interview with the popular magazine because she didn’t have a child.

About 4 years ago I met Eunice Mathu (Dir. Parent’s Magazine), in Wamba, Samburu. I’d gone there with AMREF Health Intl. for the Alternative Rites of Passage for girls. Anyway, she asked me to grace the cover of her magazine and I quickly declined, exclaiming, “But I have no children”! She insisted that even though I didn’t, I still had a voice to speak into that space. Well, I didn’t. I wasn’t ready. Looking at this cover my eyes well up because God was and is still writing my story. Thank you Eunice Mathu for finding me worthy even when I doubted myself. 

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