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A city man has exposed his wife for using skin lightening products on their daughter’s skin. According to the father of one, his wife also applies makeup on their five-year-old’s face and he fears that she might develop complications in future.

”I’m on the verge of divorcing my wife because she has been applying lightening creams on my daughter’s skin. I noticed my daughter is now light-skinned and I don’t like it. My daughter looks like a half cast. She believes if our daughter isn’t light-skinned, she won’t get married on time. She also applies makeup on my daughter’s face. I told her to stop and she became mad at me. She doesn’t cook nor clean and is never home,’ he wrote to a relationship expert.

Reactions include;

thereal__george Your wife belongs to the streets

akinyinancy_ Save your baby girl. Skin cancer is real. Divorce your wife if you must. The health of that child is at stake.

etta_xoxo I don’t know where yall get the mind to do rubbish to me black is beautiful not because I am black but because it’s the truth🦋🦋🦋don’t allow people make you think being black is a sin

nwanne_obey Colourism is still a thing, we need to address it and stop pushing this topic away.

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bloom_fragrances 5 years old girl and she’s already grooming her for marriage? 🤦‍♀️

fashion_magicblog Very wrong for a child, she needs somebody to educate her on it ,if not she will not stop it

coolicekandy Bleaching cream on a five-year-old girl ???……. that’s unfair !!! Your wife needs a therapist!

adaobunadike She’s just creating insecurities in your daughter. Can’t even appreciate her daughter’s skin

dennismwaura Why would you bleach a little child’s skin. Allow the girl to decide for herself when she is of age.

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