Jalango and wife Amina Chao

Comedian Jalango has come out to explain that his weekend event that was reported as a traditional wedding between the star and Amina Chao.

Jalango who has been with Amina since 2017 said, the weekend even was just a visit to see Amina’s parents in which he decided to go there with his closest of friends.

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Jalango and wife Amina ChaoThe radio presenter was put to task by his co-host Alex Mwakideu on Milele FM where he was asked to clear the air on the issue.

“Mwakideu, you have known for the longest time that I have a wife. The weekend event was not a wedding, it was a function we had just gone to visit her family and I took a few good men with me.’

Jalango added, “They came with so much pomp that the news of it blew up all over social media.”

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Jalango and wife Amina Chao

Praising his wife, Amina, the comedian continued, “My wife is good and polite she doesn’t have a lot of traction on social media. We have been with her for soooooo long, she is the mother of my children.”

Mwakideu added, “It was a fun weekend, the inlaws prepared everything so well for us. They welcomed us very well, I felt very welcome, I was at home. I even met my primary school teacher.”

Jalango added, “Don’t worry guys when the day of my wedding comes, you will know you will get invites, or not.”

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